Supermicro SYS-1019S-M2 1U Server

Supermicro SYS-1019S-M2 1U Server

Supermicro UAE Dubai Middle East
  • A short-depth server with an outstanding price/performance ratio optimized for use in modern datacenter.
  • Supports single Xeon E3-1200 v5 series CPUs and up to 64GB of Non-ECC DDR4 unbuffered memory.
  • Up to 2 enterprise SATA or SAS 2.5" drives protected with a high-performance RAID engine.
  • All server configurations include built-in server management controller.
  • Dual (optional) redundant high-efficiency power supplies with up to Platinum level ratings (+92%)
Supermicro SYS-1028R-WMR 1U Server Dubai Distributor
Cloud Servers Supermicro Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE Emirates

Base Server System

E5-1200 v5 Xeon Central Processor

Hard Disk Drives

 SAS Hard Disk Drive Enterprise SATA SSD Solid State Storage PCIe SSD
If you select SAS Hard Disk Drives
you will need to add a RAID card of your choice on the Server Expansion tab.  SAS cables will be added automatically.

Expansion Cards and Options

 FC Card HBA SAS RAID Controller 10GB Ethernet Infiniband Card Supermicro Server

Up to 2 expansion cards.  Typically Network and RAID Controllers Occupy PCIe x8 Slots
.  If you have any doubts counsel your sales representative.

PCIe Storage Device

Backup Devices

  Chose a suitable backup device and media here.  It never hurts to have a copy of your data preserved on tape.  This server allows installation of either 2 Half Height or 1 Full Height drive(s). It is also possible to use either an external autoloader or external tape drives or internal tape drives mounted in rack enclosure.  If you use rack enclosure you may mount up to 2 LTO drives in 1U and connect up to to 2 servers. 



Application Software


MS Exchange Microsoft Supermicro Server
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Open License


Sophos Server Protection 1-Year Subscription Service
Server Virtualization

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Server Virtualization Management Tools