We supply a wide range range of 1U Supermicro server systems which meet the most rigorous requirements of the modern enterprise and SMB customers.

Enterprise Servers

Your choices may be based on Intel Xeon, Core i3, Core i7 and AMD Opteron CPUs.  You may also choose between servers with 2.5" and 3.5" SATA and SAS hard drives.

So that your applications never run out of memory we can equip them with up to 768 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM.  This large memory support is specifically useful when you actively use virtualization technologies like VMWare or Hyper-V.

Server system configurations may include RAID controllers to protect your data and increase disk subsystem performance, multi-port 1GB and 10GB Ethernet controllers, Infiniband host-channel adapters and Fiber Channel host-bus adapters to provide connectivity to external SAN storage.

Servers may have single or redundant power supplies rated at 80 Plus and with up to 94% power consumption efficiency.  A select assortment of 1U servers may be supplied with integrated 1000 VA UPS
 and this will increase your rack space utilization and reduce your investment in power protection.

1U Server Catalog Configurator Supermicro Dubai DL360

Buy 1U Supermicro Servers Xeon Opteron RAID SAS SATA UAE Dubai
SYS-6017R-WRF SYS-6017R-NTF SYS-6017R-TDF SYS-6017R-TDAF SYS-6017R-TDF+ SYS-6017B-NTF  SYS-6017B-URF SYS-1027B-URFAMD Opteron Logo

SYS-1027R-WRFT+ SYS-1027R-WRF4+ SYS-5017R-WRF SYS-5017R-MT SYS-5017R-MTRF SYS-1017R-MTF SYS-1027R-MTF SYS-1027R-73DARF SYS-1027R-73DBRF

SC811 Supermicro United Arab Emirates CSE-811T 
 Supermicro 1U Rack CSE-113TQ SC113 Dubai Sharjah United Arab Emirates Saudi Abu Dhabi Redundant 8 HDD 2.5"  Supermicro SC111L SC111TQ CSE-111T 1U Rack Server SYS-1017C-TF SYS-1016I-TF Эмираты Дубай Дубаи

1U Twin Systems

For the very high density deployments we offer the 1U Twin family of server products which effectively allow you to squeeze 2 dual-socket Xeon or Opteron servers in just 1 rack unit.  Twin Server Systems support either 4 x 3.5" (2 per system) or 8 x 2.5" (4 per system) SAS/SATA hard drives.

The main benefit of using Twin servers is in the rackspace and power savings provided by the design of these systems.

                                                       VMWare Ready Logo 
                               Supermicro Hyper-V Server 1U


 1U Appliance Servers

Supermicro offeres an extensive range of server systems which are optimized for mounting in such environments where their larger siblings dont fit.  If you need to deploy a few servers in a small office or you have to install servers in a short depth telco rack there is no better choice than the purpose designed servers from Supermicro.  As short as 25 cm these servers are ideal for running lower load applications like VPN, Firewall, Web Servers, PBX etc.

 Supermicro Power Supply 80+ Gold Dubai UAE  Supermicro Power Supply 80+ Platinum Dubai UAESupermicro PSU Power Efficiency 1U Server

1U Appliance Atom Processor Supermicro Mini Server Short Depth

1U Appliance Atom Processor Supermicro Mini Server Short Depth
1U Appliance Atom Processor Supermicro Mini Server Short Depth

 1U Appliance Atom Processor Supermicro Mini Server Short Depth