When do you need more than 2U rack server?When your needs go above and beyond the capabilities of 2U servers (and this happens when you have to use higher speed processors or when the number of expansion cards is greater than a 2U server can accommodate) benefit from the great 3U servers thoroughly designed by Supermicro.

  • You want to use higher TDP (above 135W) processors for higher performance
  • You need to use full height expansion cards like TDM or digital IP telephony processors
  • May be some GPU power for your Tesla optimized applications?
  • You want to install one or more 5.25" devices - LTO or RDP backup drives, DVD, or something else?
  • How about 11 Expansion Slots?
  • And your are operating in a rack-only environment....

Yes, you need a 3U rack server!  Supermicro just got them for you.

Enterprise 3RU Servers

Your choices may be based on Intel Xeon, Core i3, Core i7 and AMD Opteron CPUs.  You may also choose between servers with 2.5" and 3.5" SATA and SAS hard drives.  In all configurations you may have 8 x 3.5" or 8 x 2.5" hard drives.

So that your applications never run out of memory we can equip them with up to 768 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM. This large memory support is specifically useful when you actively use virtualization technologies like VMWare or Hyper-V.

Server system configurations may include RAID controllers to protect your data and increase disk subsystem performance, multi-port 1GB and 10GB Ethernet controllers, Infiniband host-channel adapters and Fiber Channel host-bus adapters to provide connectivity to external SAN storage.

3U Servers may have single or redundant power supplies rated at 80 Plus and with up to 94% power consumption efficiency.  A select assortment of 3U servers may be supplied with integrated 1000 VA UPS
 and this will increase your rack space utilization and reduce your investment in power protection.  Learn more about the Supermicros BBP (Battery Backup Power) technology here.

3U or 4U?

If you are deciding between 3U and 4U servers the decision is easy.  If you are running a "rack-only" environment then you are better off with 3U servers - because you will be able to squeeze 25% more of 3U server equipment into a 42U rack (14 vs 10).  This would save you a lot of rackspace and if you have multiple racks the savings will translate into floor space.  Other than that 4U servers have only one advantage over 3U servers - they can be converted into floor-standing towers and this is valuable when you are on the rack-free premises like small or branch office.



11-Slot Chassis!  You may have 11 PCIe cards in this server/