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Supermicro offers a complete line of SuperWorkstation Solutions from entry level to ultimate high-end systems. All systems are built with Supermicro quality and include high-efficiency power supplies, optimized cooling sub-systems, advanced motherboard designs and rich multimedia features. SuperWorkstations are ideal for Content Generation, Gaming, Entertainment, Scientific Processing and General-Purpose Computing.

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Entry Level Workstations

Entry-level workstations are single Xeon (E3-1200 V2, E5600 and E5-1600 series supported) or Core i7 systems built in smaller size chassis without support for huge memory and smaller number of expansion capabilities.  These are workstations suitable for performing unsophisticated editing tasks.

A typical configuration of an entry-level workstation would include a low-end GPU like Nvidia Quadro 400 or 600, a single SATA hard drive and anything between 8 and 24 GB of ECC memory.  In general this is a workstation which would be used by a non-demanding user who is performing routine day-to-day tasks primarily around graphic (non-video) processing.

These workstations are ideally suited for beginners and junior editors.
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 Mid-Range Class Workstations


Mid-range systems normally have dual Xeon or Opteron CPU support, memory expansion up to 256 GB and capability to house a couple of GPU cards.  You can do graphics and video editing, AutoCAD drawings, 3ds Max visualization etc.

Mid-range workstations are built in full-size tower chassis and they typically have hard drive backplanes supporting both SAS and SATA drives, hard drive hot-swap capability, ample device bay expansion capacity so that 5.25" tape and RDX drives may be installed along with optical drives and monitoring modules.

Such workstations would usually be configured with medium class professional Nvidia GPUs like models 2000, 4000 and K5000 (Kepler series).  To keep such workstation running it should have a powerful and reliable power supply with the power rating of 865W and above.


Mid-Range Workstation Catalog

High-End Workstations

High-End workstations boast up to 4 GPUs in 4U chassis, enhanced thermal management, highest TDP processor support and redundant though whisper-quite power supplies.  These are the machines you would put the heaviest computational load on like medical imaging, engineering calculations, seismic analysis, weather forecasting, financial simulation etc.

High-end Supermicro workstation fully utilize the performance gains resulting from the use of Nvidia Tesla Fermi and Kepler technology which unprecedently boost computing power of the workstations.

A workstation should not limit your creativity. Supermicro SuperWorkstations unleash your creative potential. With the 7047GR-TRF, you can tap into the power of NVIDIA® Maximus technology with an industry leading 4+1 GPUs. That’s 1x NVIDIA® Quadro® GPU for accelerating design and visualization tasks and 4x NVIDIA Tesla® C2075 GPUs to handle simultaneous compute-intensive tasks such as simulation and rendering. This specialized system also features dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 family processors, maximized memory (up to 512GB) and non-blocking native PCI-E 3.0 configurations along with redundant Platinum Level high-efficiency (94%+) power supplies for maximum uptime and availability.

The 7047A-T is targeted at high-end engineering, oil and gas, and financial applications and supports dual actively-cooled double-width GPUs, dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 processors (up to 150W), up to 512GB, 1600MHz memory in 16 DIMM slots, 8 hot-swappable 3.5" HDDs and built-in 7.1 HD audio. The 7037A-i, optimized for creative design and multimedia professionals, will demo video and effects programs in a smaller footprint SuperWorkstation while the Whisper-Quiet 5037A-i is a cost-effective entry system.

NVIDIA® Maximus™ certified SuperWorkstations support industry-standard applications such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, Assimilate SCRATCH, and DaVinci Resolve. Feel the freedom of real time workflow. Get your Supermicro SuperWorkstation powered with NVIDIA® Maximus™ technology today!



 High-End Supermicro Workstations
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